Fishing requires patience...

Saltfish Panfried for the Outback

A lightweight, well-preserved food, packed with lots of protein

Saltfish the Hardy Way– for when you and a close friend are out in the country camping/ hunting and need a hardy meal before hitting the hay or to keep your belly full for a long day. Saltfish is a great asset to have in the country because it is dry meat (easy to pack), preserved (doesn’t require refrigeration), and packs tons of bang for buck in regards to protein (salted fish is only about ⅓ of it’s original size).

Ingredients List

  • Roots & Wings Saltfish
  • Whatever camping food you want to add


  1. Desalinate (rinse and soak) 24 hours (change water out 0-2 times) back at the cabin or campsite. Simply leave in a cool-room temperature pot or bowl of water, cover so bugs don’t get in, and head out for some grand adventures!
  2. Heat any fat (olive oil/vegetable oil/ butter/ fatback) in a pan.
  3. Sear cod on boat sides until flaky (not a moment longer).
  4. Eat with greens/ eggs/ beans or any other side that is available.
  5. Enjoy the punchy flavor the saltfish gives the entire dish and the feeling of a full belly in the country side.