Fishing requires patience...
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Roots and Wings is unique because we offer packages of fish that are not homogenous, but instead directly linked to the small-scale suppliers who catch and process the fish. With each package of fish, there is a story to tell. Saltfish is backed with stories of fishing people who have survived in this captivating and sometimes harsh region of the world for over 500 years.

Each unique package contains the punchy taste of fish dried under open skies alongside breathtaking shorelines through a centuries-old and sustainable process.

We hope through this story to help fill the human need to have connectivity, creativity and intimacy with the food we eat. Our fish is salted by fishers themselves using their own lifelong, special techniques.

Our fish is caught, processed and dried on a small-scale meaning that lack of consistency is part of the beauty of our product (at the heart of why we call our brand “artisanal”).

Many of our packages come with a variety inside to give customers a taste of it all in every dish!

Here are some Key Benefits of our product...

Deepens the relationship and meaning to the food we eat through the taste of the fish dried along the rocky cliffs of Newfoundland, and the stories behind that fish.

Consumers can walk away with the knowledge that they’re supporting small-scale and sustainable fisheries.

Our fish is tasty! It is a solid, rich, nutritious and filling protein source which Newfoundlanders have been using to stay full and warm through the winter for over 500 years.

We are fighting to keep Newfoundland, small-scale fishing tradition alive.