Fishing requires patience...
She sells sustainable saltfish by the seashore
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In the Spring of 2022, Lil and Nova embarked on a journey to combine their passions and expertise to create a sustainable future for small-scale fisheries.

With Lil's background in commercial fishing and research on the viability of small-scale fisheries in Newfoundland and Nova's upbringing around the ocean, studying dried fish value chains worldwide, the idea for Roots and Wings was born.

They envisioned a project that could not only improve the viability of small-scale fisheries, but also promote and market the traditional and beautiful dried fish of Newfoundland. For both Lil and Nova, the ocean is where their journey begins and ends, and with Roots and Wings, they aim to make a meaningful impact.

A few words from the co-founders...

Lillian Saul

I have faced many challenges working in the fisheries, both unique and shared, including economic uncertainty and being a woman in a male-dominated industry. I believe my experience as a woman, commercial fishing person, and researcher provides me with the unique ability to address issues in an incredibly complex industry and world. I feel so fortunate that fishing has become an integral part of my life and for the joyful times it has provided me with. I am so looking forward to sharing this beautiful fish with you!

Nova Almine

I value the importance of rich oceans. I have a special passion and connection to fish that is processed in the traditional dried way because I myself grew up eating it. When I was hungry, dried fish of many different kinds filled my belly and supplied my body with a healthy protein source. When I am packaging the fish from Roots and Wings, I make Lil laugh because I am constantly oo-ing and aw-ing at the beautiful fish and its yummy aroma. I often miss the familiar ocean breezes and my friends and family in the Philippines. However, I am so happy to have found a new home in Newfoundland!

Some of our sweetest moments captured...