Fishing requires patience...
Saltfish. Artisanal, sustainably caught, small-scale.
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Roots and Wings Fish Co. is a social enterprise based in St. John's, Newfoundland co-founded by a fisherwoman and small-scale fisheries researcher. Our mission is to improve the viability of small-scale fisheries and deepen the engagement between consumers and fish harvesters.
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We believe that fishers should directly benefit from the fish they catch. Thus, Roots and Wings partners directly with independent small-scale fisherpeople to overcome market barriers by creating value-added fish products that tell the quintessential story of Newfoundland.
Fine Print: Fishers often struggle for viability in the face of a corporatized and monopolized processing sector, with little power to bargain for fair fish prices. Unlike the corporate processors who sell fish abroad and en-masse, Roots and Wings locates niche markets with higher prices, allowing our fishing partners to benefit directly from their catch.


While most salt cod from the industrial processors we compete against is dried with a technique which employs air dryers, Roots & Wings sells fish that is dried outdoors under the Newfoundland sun, giving it a higher quality taste that incomparable to fish dried indoors.

We sell through a variety of channels to expand our reach and increase fisher autonomy, dignity and well-being while educating consumers. Roots and Wings is about more than a product, it is about sharing the important values and benefits of the small-scale fisheries in Newfoundland and abroad.



  • I’d never cooked with saltfish before – I guess I was a bit intimidated, but it was so much easier than I expected and utterly delicious. I’ll definitely be cooking with R&W’s saltcod again.

    Courtney Lancaster, St. John’s, NL

  • Roots and Wings wild-caught salt cod brings the freshness of the sea to your kitchen anytime of the year.  It’s delicious in soups and stews!  A must try!The fish stew we made with Roots and Wings salt cod was delicious.  Bright and firm, it’s as fresh as if it were caught that day and holds up well even after simmering on the stove.

    Amy Davis, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

  • My family and I tried this salt fish cooked in a delicious tomato sauce with fresh garden greens- it was sooo tasty! I had never tried salt fish in this way. My whole family enjoyed. We haven’t regularly eaten salt fish. This fish was cured well and was preserved in high quality. We will be having this dish again. Matching the awesomeness of the taste was my pleasure in trying locally caught, locally preserved fish which has an amazing shelf life.

    Emily Doyle, St. John’s, NL